WTF… are you about to vape? Its inspiration is from the amazing drinks & cocktails available in London, remember your the last party you had with friends.

Inspired from late night London part scene of the west end. Where literally anything and everything can make you say WTF… the team created a series of inspired vaping eliquids from the drinks that fuelled their party.

WTF Presents

HAWI – a exotic cocktail, blended with white spirit. HAWI is the perfect start to the party and this eliquid will lift you to a better place, that we guarantee.

MOJI – The classic cocktail mix, Mojito is a blend of white spirit, lime and lemon topped with sweet sugar sprinkles topped with mint. When your looking to be elegant and impress, MOJI is your eliquid vape.

ROO – looking to spice up your night. This Root Beer inspired eliquid consists of vanilla, cherry, wintergreen, molasses, anise, liquorice root, cinnamon, and honey. A full blend of fun to enrich your taste buds and refresh.

G – Inspired by the 2am fall off, G is inspired by the now classic Vodka Red Bull. Its full energy flavour is sweet and delicious. Need a pick me up? G is the eliquid for you.


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