A selection of the greatest fusion flavours from around the world provides a perfect variation to your vaping experience. Vape Hot Creations is a selection of the finest flavours from around the world fused together to make an amazing vape eliquid. Hand selected influences from around the world provide you with the ultimate Vape Hot Creations pleasure.

Vape Hot Creations presents

GUAP – based on a mixture of southern asian fruits and spices. GUAP is a perfect balance of rich sweet Apricots taken from Australia, then with delicious Guava added and blended. The eliquid is blended into a smooth, rich vape experience which will take you to the sun drenched beaches of Thailand.

SMOOTH MAN – Smooth Man is taken from the beach huts of Hawaii, a balanced Mango Smoothie that will refresh and delight with every inhale of our vape. A truly irresistable vape and a must have in your collection.

CANWI – a perfect balance of rich european orange melon and italian kiwi. CANWI offers a balanced, fruity, uplifting and exhilarating vape experience from an eliquid you will not want to put down.

SPLIT – A fresh fruit twist on the amazing banana split. This US inspired eliquid blends Banana and Strawberry with a touch of cream to give you a perfect, Hot Creations eliquid.

ARI – A lively, fresh, Indian Mandarin flavoured eliquid. A perfectly balanced eliquid that will enhance the sense and a must have in your Vape Hot Creations collection.


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