If you love a touch of mint or menthol with your eliquid, you’ll fall in love with the selection of Vape Fresh.

The amazing range gives every vapour the opportunity to enjoy a re-freshing vape experience.

Fresh Vape eliquid


Apple Mint – a delicious rich apple dripping with mint flavour gives you a full flavoured vape.

Double Mint – wanted a vape a little stronger and love mint. Well Double mint is just the eliquid for you.

Grape Mint – Fresh and full of flavour, a complete pallet cleanse from Vape Fresh that will become your everyday vape.

Ice Mint – Stronger than a pack of chewing gum, the flavour of Ice Mint gives you an amazingly smooth vape which leave you with beautifully fresh breath.

Mint – keeping it simple, keeping it a true Vape. Mint by Vape Fresh is a simple, but lovely Mint vape experience.

The Mix – a combination of exotic mints from around the world, Mint Mix is a truly amazing Vape experience.

Lemon Mint – A zesty mint vape that is both refreshing and uplifting. Lemon mint by Vape Fresh is bursting with flavour.

Spear Mint – imagine your favourite spearmint chewing gum, imagine how amazing it tastes, BOOM, thats Spear Mint from Vape Fresh in a nut shell.

Watermelon Mint – On a lovely summers day, a fresh watermelon can be the most refreshing fruit. Enjoy a perfectly balanced watermelon and mint vape experience from Vape Fresh.


Menthol – if you love Menthol and your trying to quit smoking, this is the Vape Eliquid for you.

Cherry Menthol – a hint of fresh Cherry notes in the Menthol eliquid provides an enriching vape eliquid experience.


Black Ice – Do you like your e-liquid with an extra ice kick. Hints of sweet blackberry lift this powerful mint ice vape to the next level.

Blue Ice – Another super Icey Vape experience from Vape Fresh. This vape is Iced menthol drenched in delicious blueberries.

Berry Ice – Get ready for a brain freeze. Berry Ice is a amazing blend of super strong iced raspberries fused with mixed mint at full strength.


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