Signature Blend is a collection of the finest tobacco flavours from around the world.

It offers a smooth vape experience for you as a perfect alternative to traditional smoking. Helping you quit and start a new way of living.

Check out the incredible range from Signature Blend.

Red – Rich in tobacco flavouring, Red is blended and with ground nuts. The embodiment of earthy tobacco flavours will enrich your vaping experience and switch from traditional smoking. Quit smoking today.

Smooth – A lighter and more balanced tobacco flavour. Created to help the lighter smoker switch from smoking to vaping and quit for good. A truly smooth vape experience. Quit smoking today.

Toasted – Traditional tobacco is sun-dried but Toasted tobacco tastes that much sweeter. If you want to have a fully flavoured tobacco, this is the Signature Blend for you.

French Pipe – Combining a mixture of cherry, fresh fruit and tobacco all cramped into one pipe. This signature blend is a tasteful alternative to a traditional brand.

Hilton – The creme de la creme of tobacco eliquid. Rich in tobacco flavour this is the smoothest vaping eliquid Signature blend offers. A truly unique and wonderful tasting vape experience.


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