Are you ready for your taste buds to go POP? Are you looking for a delicious and refreshing vape experience.

Well enjoy the POP Vaper experience – its just bursting with flavour for your pleasure.

POP VAPER presents

MIXED – delicious mixed fruit lemonade, bursting with sweet fruit flavour it sets your tastes buds going from the first inhale. The sour exhale of the lemonade will make you want to vape more and more.

LEMON – the traditional refreshing blend of sugar and lemon, fizzed to give you that ice cold Lemonade on a hot day feeling.  Lemon by POP hits every taste you could want from a vape.

ORANGE – If you love drinking Fanta, you will love Vaping Orange by POP. The fizzy orange inhale gives you a mouth watering experience that is a true pleasure. #VapePOP.


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