Love Sundaes is an amazing selection of Ice Cream Eliquids inspired by the creators childhood.

Its a true vapers vape, signature smooth and richly flavoured, they are amazing eliquids that will leave you wanting more.

Love Sundaes brings you three delicious Ice Cream Originals that are a perfect vape after any meal. Each eliquid offers a balance of reach creamy vanilla bean, topped with a delicious fresh fruit to give you a smooth vape experience.

Which Love Sundaes Vape will you chose?

Watermelon and Ice Cream – Imagine a generous helping of fresh watermelon that is accompanied by a ice cold vanilla bean ice cream. Set on a plate on a hot summers day there is nothing more refreshing. Now imagine vaping this! Love Sundaes Watermelon and Ice Cream is the perfect after dinner vape experience.

Strawberry Ice Cream – Growing up as a child everyones favourite treat was a Ice Cream cone full of ice cold vanilla ice cream, drenched in strawberry sauce. Love Sundaes Strawberry Ice Cream offers a complete throwback to your childhood with this amazing, smooth vape eliquid. This will be your everyday vape to make you feel good.

Vanilla Ice Cream – Sometimes the best treat after a hard day, is a big bowl of delicious, fresh Vanilla Ice Cream. A simple pleasure that will give you a simply amazing Vape Experience.


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