From the creators of Cosmic Fog comes LOST FOG – an exclusive line of amazing flavours inspired from living the American dream. 
Dapple Whip by Lost Fog gives you the legendary carnival candy apple flavour. With Tart Granny Smith apples, submerged in sweet gooey caramel this is the summer favourite vape for you. For an added twist we completely cover it with layers of fresh whipped cream. An added fresh creamy flavour will make you salivate.
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Sherbet Flavoured Vape will turn any vape you have ever had on it head. Orange, raspberry and lemon-lime all mixed perfectly in a sweet yet subtle cream. Need to cool down after a long night or just enjoy a blast from the past? This Vape of rainbow sherbet will take you back to the good old times.
#Sherbet #Orange #Raspberry #Lemon #Lime #Cream #Eliquid #Vape

A custom blended whipped honey cream, spiked with the essence of sweet passion fruit and topped with tart exotic berries. It’s exclusively mixed in a HIGH VG base to produce only the softest, silkiest, smoothest clouds of pure vaping bliss.
#Honey #Cream #Passionfruit #Berry #Eliquid #Vape

Hand-picked mountain grown Gaviota strawberries blended with just enough soft creamy Greek yogurt. The perfect balance of two of nature’s finest treats combined in a vape that is sweet, savoury and creamy while never edging into the dreaded heaviness all vapers fears. Ladies and gentleman, meet your new all day vape.
#Strawberry #Yoghurt #Cream #Sweet #Eliquid #Vape


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