Dr Fog brings you his vision of how an Ice Cream Vape should be! Blending his delicious signature Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Vape Eliquid with amazing flavours, be aware his flavours are addictive.


Dr Fog presents Polaris. Polaris is a beautiful blend of sweet Raspberry flavour drenched over Deep-Fried Ice Cream – a truly delicious Summer time vape.

Dr Fog presents Rigel. Rigel the ultimate Vape Eliquid. Rigel is a bona-fide Ice Cream Vape treat. The deliciously smooth Praline Ice Cream, mixed with chunks of sugary cinnamon Churros give this eliquid a full vaping experience

Dr Fog presents Sirius. Sirius is the classic Strawberry flavoured Iced Cream drenched in rich Strawberry syrup over a portion of whipped cream. To find it is Deep Fried, a truly delicious Vape Experience!

Dr Fog presents Supernova. Supernova is another classic Ice Cream Vape Eliquid. Dr Fog’s Supernova is a classic ice cream recipe made into the perfect Vape eliquid. Featuring old school Vanilla Bean Iced Cream smoothered smooth caramel drizzle on top.

Dr Fog presents Vega. Vega a truly characterised by its smooth vape of Peanut Butter and Bananas drenched over the world famous classic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. This blend of fruit, nuts and delicious Ice Cream Eliquid provides you with a truly amazing vape experience.

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